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Kerala State Youth Commission is formed for the purpose of evolving and implementing programs for educating and empowering the youths and to function as a protector of their rights. The youth of the country has immense potential and if channelized properly, this will bring excellent result in achieving the goal set for the welfare of the country. It is needless to point that the youth of the state is facing immense problems which also requires immediate attention. It is needed to create increasing opportunities to the youth to develop their personality, their functional capacity and also to preserve their legitimate rights, avoiding any possible exploitation. The Kerala State Youth Commission is a quasi-judicial institution started functioning through ordinance promulgated by government. Steps are being taken to replaced the ordinance through enactment of legislature.

Commission shall consist of Chairperson; and not more then thirteen member of which one shall be a qualified least three shall be women and one among the women shall belong to the Scheduled Tribe Chairperson and the members when appointed The Government shall appoint a person who is or has held a post not below the rank of an Additional Secretary to Government as the Secretary Headquarters of the Commission shall be at Thiruvanathapuram The Chairperson shall be a full-time officer having the Rank of Secretary to Government .The Government shall provide the Commission with such officers and other employees as may be required for the proper functioning of the Commission.

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Our Mission

Youth Commission for the purpose of evolving and implementing programmes for educating and empowering the youths and to function as protector of the rights of youths and to provide for matters connected therewith or incidental thereto.

Our Vision

To buildup self sustainable youth through empowerment and facilitating them.

Our Philosophy
our path defines our future

We at Job Portal by Kerala State Youth Commission are committed to work in partnership with our clients throughout the search process to select the best candidate who will have the right fit to contribute positively towards the company's growth and profitability.

By working closely with our clients, we endeavor to understand the culture and traits of the organization so that candidates are not hired just to fill positions but to deliver the Key Performance Indicators and Key Result Area of the client companies.

Our first stage is to detail the job requirements and to do a job scope follow up with an extensive search of available talent, based on our own database to find the most suitable candidate by going through several recruitment selection processes.

Our Values
core values that KSYC is built upon

  • Best quality services in all what we do
  • The successful commitment to
    the recruitment partnership
  • A hard working team working for our clients
  • Motivation and Trustfulness
  • Honesty and Truthfulness
  • Friendly and Goal Oriented